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Strategic Business Excellence Made Easy

Our online diagnostic for strategic
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Get your team on the same page

Invest in your extraordinary business! Be world class and cutting edge

“An Organisational Excellence kit. A supercharged SWOT that inspires strategy and action. It helps create great places to work”

See the bigger picture, shape the workplace you always wanted. Set the stage for executive dialogue by using the P3Edge diagnostic and facilitation toolkit. Gain faster engagement and clarity, for high value conversations on the big picture. The methodology is based on best of breed Organisational Excellence Frameworks and helps teams get on the same page. 

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Executive team facilitation

Let’s face it, hour upon hour of consultant spend and workshop time isn’t the most engaging way to present concepts and information for executive consumption. With the P3Edge Diagnostic, you can free up time and fast track the creation of value.

Subscriptions Costs

Single subscription is FREE, 10 Users – $133 per person ($1330 GST incl. total), 30 Users – $97 per person ($2899 GST incl. total, 50 Users – $80 per person ($3980 GST incl. total)


Take the levers, get on the same page. Here’s how it works

An easy three (3) step process to begin your Strategic Business Excellence Diagnostic

Benchmark your business against global peers

Whether you’re new to your role or just trying to achieve greater business outcomes, P3Edge helps you put all your business success drivers into a single, intuitive dashboard and report. This is a platform for you and your team to achieve strategic business excellence.

These are the benefits of using our P3Edge Diagnostic toolkit:

  • drive continuous improvement;
  • save thousands on consultant fees;
  • obtain consistency of direction and goals;
  • identify and prioritise opportunities;
  • understand and leverage your strengths;
  • achieve recognition through; local, state, national or international Business Excellence awards; and
  • demonstrate success through tangible outcomes



Identify the 3 key levers to take your business to another level

The assessment is presented against our global benchmarks across People, Process and Performance. This helps focus your priorities on the levers to be ‘shifted’ in your business

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