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P3Edge products

P3 Edge have a range of products that support in making a difference to enable you to quickly and easily reduce costs and improve efficiency. We are passionate about helping you go from good to extraordinary!

High Impact Workshop.  A powerful tool for team workouts.

Driving business progress and team outcomes, via high impact workshops. These workshops are tailored to drive intensive, creative and collaborative focus on team challenges and opportunities. Get your team engages, enables and energised for successful execution by conducting a high impact workshop.

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The Kaizen bootcamp approach accelerates the continuous improvement process for a focused period. Like a power surge to cut costs. Reduce waste. Reduce maintenance costs. Improve customer satisfaction. Kaizen bootcamp accomplishes all of this and more by focusing on creating new ideas to achieve continual improvement through small changes in an accelerated way.

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Strategic Business Excellence is nurturing the extraordinary, its a cultural shift.

Business Excellence is like a gauge calibrated by decades of global wisdoms on what separates the good and the excellent. It can be described as outstanding practices in managing the organisation and achieving results, and is based on universal concepts and principles.

We have synthesised business excellence wisdoms into an easy to apply framework. Extracting the value for your business, quickly. Our People, Process and Performance framework focus areas, helps deliver a structured, purpose built approach to attaining excellence in your business.

We help great places work! Realise your potential –today.

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For more information on Strategic Business Excellence please download the brochure.

Creative Fuel is Problem solving on another dimension. Get your people Focused, Powered and Enabled then let the creative fuel burn.

Creative problem solving is skill most needed, for individuals and business to survive and grow. But it doesn’t happen on its own. It has to be nurtured, cared for and encouraged.

Whether you lead a project team or an entire workforce, you have the power to greatly enhance or completely drain the ability to “think creatively.”

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Delta program helps clients to find hidden capacity in their back- and middle-office operations, as it improves quality together with increasing customer and employee satisfaction.

We compliment this work by applying automation and digitisation to help decrease costs.

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Coming soon! We are working with clients on testing a new product called ‘Customer Experience –Design for advocacy’. We are looking forward to this being available in late 2015.

Solution to transform our customer experience and provide customer value. Great organisations proactively listen to feedback and are able to give customers what they really want and need from their product and services.

Improvement to your customer experiences leads to customer advocacy. This can be effectively measured as Net Promoter Score (NPS).


The Platinum Lean Six Sigma program is for complex process transformation. Our Lean Six Sigma Program, for Business Process Reengineering is led by our team of expert practitioners. Qualified as Master Black Belts, with years of professional experience. We offer a range of solutions to help your individual and business journey in delivering transformational results.


A relationship to identify and fulfil potential, specialising in business edge and process improvement coaching. There is increasing evidence that adopting a coaching approach will lift performance. The time and business benefit of people performing at their best far outweighs the time it takes to have regular coaching conversations. Find something you could do differently to lift performance.

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Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery to ensure Business Continuity

Take the pain out of protecting critical information. Simplify the process of backup and recovery with a Fully Managed Cloud Backup Solution.

This agile service combines Cloud-based Backup with robust Disaster Recovery capabilities that span across multiple Australian Data Centres. Cloud Disaster Recovery provides organisations with confidence that they can access their business critical systems in the event of a major outage. Concentrate on running your business – let us take care of backups!

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Lean Six Sigma Training Programs

We have several options for learning Lean Six Sigma.

This program provides introduction to lean Six Sigma. It’s a foundational experience of the basic principles and common tools for organisational improvement. An experiential – hands on, fun day, packed full of learning!

This Foundation training program outlines the key principles and practices of Lean Six Sigma. It is an ideal introduction for those new to this methodology, or for those keen to consolidate their training and knowledge in this area. Not just theoretical, the Lean Six Sigma Foundations program gives participants an opportunity to test out how the methodology works in a hands- on simulation project.

Completing the workshop aids in decision making about future development in the Lean Six Sigma field. Leaders attending the course can start to shape their Improvement Program plans. Any intact team attending the workshop will build a common language and understanding to enable them to work well as an improvement team, and so drive change in the culture and behaviour of people in the organisation.

Who should attend:

  • Executives & Senior Managers – likely sponsors/champions for improvement projects
  • Members of improvement teams needing a common approach or “common language”
  • Project Managers, Improvement Project Facilitators or Coaches
  • Individuals interested in this field as a career

For a program design or advisory to suit your needs, please:

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Is a comprehensive program equipping participants to confidently handle general organisational improvement opportunities and deliver measurable improvement that transforms the business

A fundamental success driver for organisations to become high performing, is to build and distribute competency to deliver sustainable improvements inside the organisation. The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training provides participants with the skills necessary execute improvement projects and deliver results.

For the majority of issues within an organisation, people with Green Belt level skills are able to deliver change that is a measurable improvement which can be sustained. In this sense the Green Belt course equips participants with Core Skills and Knowledge to be a skilled and confident Improvement Project Manager, and is First Step in attaining BLACK BELT accreditation.

Who should attend:

  • Project Managers leading improvement projects and programs
  • Employees who will act as a facilitator or coach for improvement activities
  • Leaders sponsoring improvement projects or leading larger programs
  • Individuals interested for a career in Organisational Improvement & Process Excellence

For a program design or advisory to suit your needs, please:

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Intensive program equipping participants to deal with high return, high risk, complex organisational issues using sophisticated analysis, solution development and change management techniques.

To remain a leader in their industry, high performing organisations sustain efforts to improve their key value streams, helping them realise their organisational strategy. Such organisations develop high level capability and skills to deliver strategic change. The Black Belt Program is designed to address this need. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Project Managers are equipped to deliver complex improvement projects across an organisation’s business groups. Project Managers will be able to draw on sophisticated business analysis tools, creative solution development techniques, effective facilitation approaches, and business improvement governance models learned through the Lean Sigma Black Belt program.

Who should attend

  • Improvement Project Managers with responsibility for complex improvement projects
  • Senior Managers with a responsibility for leading improvement programs in an organisation or business unit

For a program design or advisory to suit your needs, please:

  • Call: 0409137456 
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