Delta Transformation Program

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Our Delta transformation program and approach to unlocking value for you

Launch of our Delta Program

We are excited to introduce to our customers the Delta Transformation Program. In just 18 weeks, through the introduction of pulse metrics and management methods, P3Edge’s Delta Transformation program dramatically improves management’s ability to see targets and optimise operational performance for customer value creation.

What the program includes:

  • The strategic operating vision and how to build alignment towards it
  • End-to-end business services and their linkage to people process and performance
  • Current performance levels and their effectiveness
  • Feasible, best practice-based improvements
  • Step change good to great edge, sustainable business improvement

What Does the Delta Transformation Program Look Like?

The P3Edge Schedule follows a standard 18-week structure, with additional flexibility to meet the demands and requirements of an individual business context.

The model below illustrates our 18-Week program. P3Edge starts by conducting an on-site assessment of your operation’s capacity for cost savings and performance improvement (typically two weeks). If it is established that a 23 percent (minimum) performance improvement is possible, a project plan and a Performance Summary Report is prepared and presented.

Once the proposal is accepted, a schedule is established—just 16 weeks for most organisations.

The program is structured and combines proven management methodologies, tailored for your business context, with cutting-edge software. The outcome is a dramatic improvement in the visibility and control of your business, resulting in breakthrough improvements, including cost, productivity, quality and the customer experience.

Not just minor adjustments—
the P3Edge Delta Transformation Program provides transformational and sustainable operational improvements that yield an exceptional return on investment





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