Cloud Technology, do you get it?

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Cloud Technology, do you get it?

Cloud Technology, do you get it? There’s no ignoring it in business today, executives need to know what it is, how leverage the capability suite, as well as mitigating a new risk posture.

Social media networks all use the cloud. The popularity of Facebook, Twitter and the rest is clear. Social features are in demand and undoubtedly changes the way we conduct business and interact as a society. From; engaging customers through social conversation, or staff ‘work from home’ days, renting software by the month, or virtual tours of property from your lounge room. Cloud technology has changed business models, and as such our competitive ‘disruptions’.

Some of the hot topics are:

  1. Are our digital distribution channels effective enough for the new wave of consumer needs?
  2. Are we meeting the rising demand or falling short on customer expectations with regards to digital consumption?
  3. What is our positioning relative to your competitors?
  4. Are we missing an opportunity cost associated with digital document and knowledge management options that are available?
  5. How big is that cost opportunity?

Traditionally, hardware and software has been fully contained on a user’s computer. This means that you access your data and programs exclusively within your own computer. Cloud technology allows you to access your data and programs outside of your own technology environment. Rather than storing your data and software on your personal computer or server, it is stored in ‘the cloud’. This could include data bases, applications, email and file services.

“Cloud computing is like plugging into a powerpoint instead of generating your own power grid.”

Essentially cloud technology is renting versus buying. You rent capacity (server space or access to software) from a cloud service provider, and connect over the Internet. Instead of buying your own information technology requirements, you are renting from a service provider, paying for only the resources you use.

In order for you to make decisions around how best to use ‘cloud technologies’ there are 4 steps to understand to decide what mix is right for your business architecture, now and in the future.

  1. What ‘in the cloud’ technologies means
  2. How cloud technologies works, the choices
  3. The opportunities to change the way you, and your organisation works
  4. The risks and how to mitigate them

If you’d like to know more about cloud evolution in your business or have any comments, please drop me a line at or on twitter

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