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30 June is Cloud Stocktake Time

30 June is Cloud Stocktake Time! 30 June is traditionally a time to assess, reflect, and plan the new financial year. An effective part of this cycle is considering how your business can be more efficient, provide greater customer value or go to another level. Cloud solutions can solve these types of challenges, with leverage […]

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Cloud Technology, do you get it?

Cloud Technology, do you get it?

Cloud Technology, do you get it? There’s no ignoring it in business today, executives need to know what it is, how leverage the capability suite, as well as mitigating a new risk posture. […]

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Delta Transformation Program

Launch of our Delta Program
We are excited to introduce to our customers the Delta Transformation Program. In just 18 weeks, through the introduction of pulse metrics and management methods, P3Edge’s Delta Transformation program dramatically improves management’s ability to see targets and optimise operational performance for customer value creation.

What the program includes:

The strategic […]

Is digital disruption haunting your BPO legacy?

Digital disruption, is haunting the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) legacy for many business leaders.

Gone are the days of outsourcing your process problems for quick tactical wins that compromises strategic needs. Where the seduction of labour arbitrage and small step change improvement overwhelmingly trumps reengineering for agility and the future strategic needs of the business and it’s customers. […]

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Customer communications “Houston we have a problem”

It was a few years ago now, but still raw in recollection of the chaos I faced when dealing with source system processes failing. Being responsible for one of the last processes in the chain, customer communications, little ripples from source data corruption becomes a tsunami in protecting the customer from the array of automated system generated, ‘spaghetti’, of communication.