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30 June is Cloud Stocktake Time

30 June is Cloud Stocktake Time! 30 June is traditionally a time to assess, reflect, and plan the new financial year. An effective part of this cycle is considering how your business can be more efficient, provide greater customer value or go to another level. Cloud solutions can solve these types of challenges, with leverage […]

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The three types of cloud services

The three types of cloud services your business may look at are typically grouped these categories;

Software as a Service (SAAS)
Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS); and
Platform as a Service (PAAS)

Lets talk a little about what each of these are:

Software as a Service (SaaS)

 SaaS is the most common form of cloud technologies. You can access internet-hosted software […]

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What cloud technology means

In our previous article Cloud technology, do you get it? we introduced how decision making for cloud could be approached for your business. Now we are going to give a quick introduction to what Cloud Technology means.  […]

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Cloud Technology, do you get it?

Cloud Technology, do you get it?

Cloud Technology, do you get it? There’s no ignoring it in business today, executives need to know what it is, how leverage the capability suite, as well as mitigating a new risk posture. […]

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Adapt, I like my latte in a mug

Adapt, I like my large latte in a mug. Some may say fussy, a non-conformist even. For me the taste is stronger and more defined, the crema smooth and silky infused with the rich coffee flavours, nestled in porcelain or stoneware. Perfection. […]

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Creative Lean is Yin and Yang for business prosperity

‘Creative Lean’ is the combination of Creative Thinking and Lean thinking together, and is the Yin and Yang of business improvement for prosperity. The ancient Chinese concept of yin-yang is the generalisation of two polar complements related to each other. […]

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Constructive conflict for creative innovation

Constructive conflict for creative innovation can nurture stronger teams, creative thinking, and innovative outcomes.  Albert Einstein noted, “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” Conflict serves as a message to adapt.

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Dynamics of Digitisation and Disruption for Trusted Advisors

The two key dynamics of digitisation and disruption heightens both paradigms of the opportunities that exists and potential threats.

In the typical ‘trusted advisor’ spaces such as; Banking, Wealth and Insurance the way it has been, is set to change. The ‘Institutional’ foundations are not crumbling but they are flakey. As customer preferences and trends set […]

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6 steps to deeper conversation

What are the 6 Steps to deeper conversation?

How often in our daily conversations do we really listen beyond our own thoughts to understand what another person means? And how rarely do we listen deeply enough to sense the motive and emotion behind the words? Yet getting beyond an introspective position is the first step in […]

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Delta Transformation Program

Launch of our Delta Program
We are excited to introduce to our customers the Delta Transformation Program. In just 18 weeks, through the introduction of pulse metrics and management methods, P3Edge’s Delta Transformation program dramatically improves management’s ability to see targets and optimise operational performance for customer value creation.

What the program includes:

The strategic […]