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Adapt, I like my large latte in a mug. Some may say fussy, a non-conformist even. For me the taste is stronger and more defined, the crema smooth and silky infused with the rich coffee flavours, nestled in porcelain or stoneware. Perfection.

Like many customer needs there are twists outside the standard. From waitperson to barista and back, sometimes the production line delivers me glass. Arrh! As I contemplate if it’s worth highlighting the error, I think of business improvement opportunities.

Customers and their needs evolve. Cafes, all businesses, need to adapt, customers can be very precious about their coffee!

I can download all four seasons of Breaking Bad from my lounge room and order bike shoes, business books or wine, that all can be delivered to my door in a just a few days. I recall only a few years before, browsing with my kids movies at the local video store, now a café! Now they browse online catalogues, chose and download a selection in seconds. The microwave popcorn takes longer! Feet up we are soon ready for movie night.

Evolution is the focus on the customer specific needs, glass or porcelain and making it happen. Make this focus part of your business DNA. In the words Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, known for his doctrine of change being central to the universe said, “There is nothing permanent except change.”

How do you make customer focused innovation and continuous improvement part of your business? To adapt and keep those customers from having coffee elsewhere.

Our tips:

  1. Customer immersion sessions: understand you customer profiles, who they are and their needs;
  2. Process to customer value delivery: The technical assurance, to make sure you are delivering the coffee as requested!
  3. Creativity to innovation sessions: workshop customer understanding to build the creative options
  4. Options to pragmatism: test and learn cycles on new value creation
  5. Refinement and reload!

This customer wants his latte in the proverbial mug! Also, I’d like the newspapers on ipad. Please?

If you’d like to know more about evolution in your business or have any comments, please drop me a line at or on twitter

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